: Be careful with my baby. [to Evander]  [after Jack is shot]  Jack Angel : Good timing, Jerry, just when it seems like all is lost for you, Ma gets shot by some gangsters and now you hit the fucking lottery? [to Damian as Damian is climbing out the window using a rope]  Somebody help! : Jeremiah : : Jeremiah What's the plan, Bobby? Bobby [to a booing crowd at a basketball game]  : Jack! ‘They killed Cornbread!’ Speaking of Laurence Fishburne, here’s a 10-minute clip from “Cornbread, Earl and Me,” the 1975 movie in which young Master Fishburne first distinguished himself. Bobby You made the payments! Bobby Bobby : At the same time, the police are on a manhunt for an armed rapist. : : Bobby Me and Sofi did a lot of making up last night. Even when you can't find a reason. Aw! What do you think he found? : [crying]  You all think I had something to do with mom getting killed? Your grandma, she adopted me and your uncle Jack just like she adopted your daddy. : What makes you think that? Jack! I'm a freakin' college professor, Jack, what do you think I've been doing. : : That shit was counterfit as a mother-fucker, man! : Technically, Jerry's really broke. Sofi, baby... Sofi Jack. Thanks for your vote! Angel Eventually, too, … : : Hey, you must be Daniela! : Bobby Ya'll better run, man, these white cops are crazy! They say dead men tell no tales, but they sure leave important shit lying around. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. [after crashing into a parked car while chasing the killers]  I know my brother. : Bobby Don't you die on me you little fairy. PG Ma would've been happy you made it to the service. The story was that in her house there was a gun that she never touched. Jeremiah What you say? : : : (to Bobby) We're gonna do that gas thing? : Yeah, we're gonna do the gas thing. Bobby Let's go talk to him now. Bobby Bobby Jack Antonio Fargas. Ay, mami. He's flexible. Yeah, it's loaded, little brother. Jack doesn't like ass crack and ballsack! You're white. No, Bobby, no! Do I recall something about having dinner together? : Angel Bobby : Bobby Eventually Harry bought his own skillet and learned to make cornbread himself. : [mocking him]  : : You killed my mother and my little brother you mother fucker! I'm gonna go in there and bust that melon... Jack You sure? Jack's got lots of fans. Jack Come on! : Drama, Sport. Jack : [meeting Jeremiah's daughters] Hey, you must be Daniela! You know what I want a girlfriend like you. We truly appreciate your support. Call 911! Bobby Please don't go there. What about me, Green? Amelia Mercer How the hell would I know? Shit, your mom would've been happy you made it back for her funeral! Bobby Mercer: Lemme catch you on the street without that badge! Oh, Bobby. “They were better than the world that we live in and I think that it is true. Sit back and put your fucking seatbelt on, Jack. Wilford Robinson He breathin'. : Wrecked the whole side of my fucking car! : Bobby Jack : On a ship for, what, six months at a time with nothing but dudes. Jack What? Angel Angel! Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! You know who doesn't get enough dap? : [crying after being shot]  [insulted]  Jack Yeah, I bet'cha those girls look like dudes too, though. You don't pay a hoe to fuck ya, you pay her to leave. Jack likes ass crack and ballsack. Bobby : : Bobby We're always wingin' it. Bobby, you're the one who took ballet. You keep knocking on the devil's door long enough and sooner or later someone's gonna answer you. Jack : [pointing to the killer]  I'm calling, I'm calling! [after Jack is shot]  I did not say nothing, man. Gang Leader : Bobby : : That wasn't no gang shooting. Jack