Step through the Anywhere Door and embark on a time-travelling adventure with Doraemon. From the comfort of your couch, explore the unique ways that the Festival of Light is observed in Singapore by tapping on the collective memory of various communities, as well as the customs and traditions observed by them. While you’re there, pick up a vial of Egyptian or Middle Eastern fragrance, or bring home Malay and Indonesian souvenirs like traditional batik. © 2020 Expat Living Singapore, All Rights Reserved. For the best sand-and-sea experience in Singers, jump on the ferry from Marina South Pier to Lazarus Island – next to St John’s island. You can shop for affordable sports gear, purse-friendly designer bags and more. Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC), Tanjong Pagar, Photograph: Buro UFHO/The Unusual Network, – get ready to be transported to an industrial complex set in 2020 Neo-Tokyo that is dedicated to the iconic 1988 post-apocalyptic cyberpunk anime. Journey to the east and explore things you never knew about Pasir Ris. Nothing’s more satisfying than creating someone new with your hands. What’s Exclusive: A good fishing spot.Preferred time: Start at dawn, Suggested Read: 10 Picture-Perfect Singapore Islands For An Enchanting Vacation In 2020. These are the best places for budget-friendly fun & games in Singapore: Which places provide the best hidden gems for fun & games in Singapore? Doubling as an immersive virtual trail, the experience takes place over three seasons, embodying the notion of dreams through audio, text, and moving images. Photograph: Diana Rahim / Singapore Art Museum, Another art exhibition under the Proposals For Novel Ways of Being banner, this collaborative effort by Singapore Art Museum and National Gallery Singapore is conceived as a corridor of time that echoes the indeterminate passage of our days as we navigate the pandemic that is still raging on, as well as the detritus it leaves behind. These are the best hidden gems for fun & games in Singapore: "The rooms are big and well thought-out with many secret chambers, which is so much, "All in all, would definitely recommend people to play Amazing Chambers Singapura's version of, "I'd definitely like to thank Sam and Samyutha for attending to my pre-booking queries and requests, and Shannon and Calvin for a thoroughly immersive and educational, "Really enjoyed my hour in the simulator - the instructor was very professional and clearly knowledgeable, the simulator is very, "Michelle was very friendly and helpful for whatever we needed help with, she provided us with hints without giving away too much and made our experience really, "Very fun and interactive :) The puzzles inside were challenging enough for us and we definitely had fun trying to solve the clues!! Tune in to online videos that’ll teach you how to style your dish with food stylist CR Tan, how to pick the right cut of meat with East Side Butchers, among many others. Through the adventure, observe the interactions between the characters and gain a better understanding of the different types of bullying, how and why bullying occurs, and the corresponding impact on the involved parties. 5am-2am (general areas), 9am-9pm (ticketed areas). A reference to the middle chapter in Virginia Woolf's novel To The Lighthouse, Time Passes features works that manifest acts of care-taking through the handling of different materials, and the commitment towards uncovering possibilities of living and relating even during tumultuous times. The new contemporary art initiative features ordinary sites in Singapore through the eyes of 100 local artists, in response to the ongoing pandemic. Gather with your family in the living room for a unique music presentation, a lively exchange between an Ayurvedic practitioner and a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner about the use of spices in dishes, stories about the Festival of Lights, and a live visual showcase of an artist creating a Rangoli. Alternatively, book out this sofa-decked theatre and hold a screening party with the film of your choice! If you want to kill time on a lazy Sunday, why not give one of these fitness studios a go? You can choose to explore Gardens By The Bay, see Singapore’s ethnic enclaves on foot, climb the hill atop Fort Canning Park, visit the MacRitchie Reservoir, fly kites at Marina Barrage, click pictures with the Merlion, and see the Esplanade, some of the best things to do in Singapore. The Gallery opened in 2015; it occupies the former City Hall and Supreme Court heritage buildings, making it the largest visual arts venue in Singapore and the region – matching the likes of Musée d’Orsay (France) and the Tate Modern (UK) in size. Whether you’re looking for a place with a view or a tranquil hidden hideout, there’s something for you. orig_width: 300 Perfect for families, the fully-guided tour also comes with a complimentary round-trip cable car ride on the Mount Faber Line. Does the new norm feel like a surreal dream? We’ve rounded up some of the best barre studios in town to get in shape like a dancer! At one of our great wine bars, that is. Ten Courts of Hell, Journey into the West and numerous other exhibits aim to take you on an experience through ancient times, complete with blood, gore and, er, human crabs. Singapore’s national fruit is a true mixed bag – you either love it or hate it. Tours typically start at 7am daily, but special arrangements can be made at other timings. The city’s top hair studios and nail salons should do the trick. The exhibition sets out to raise awareness through more than 70 powerful photographs and videos as seen through the lenses of National Geographic photographers and explorers who have witnessed – and are still doing so – the devastating impact of plastic pollution on the natural world, especially in the oceans. A natural hot spring in Singapore? For starters, check out this handy list of barbershops in Singapore. From master painters to beginner artists, anyone’s welcome! Quench your thirst for culture online with the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM). Throwing multicoloured laser beams from its three towers, as well as shooting water fountains which are lit up, it easily makes up for one of Asia’s largest light and water shows. Once a British Army base built in the 1930s and 1940s, these black-and-white colonial buildings surrounded by foliage now house numerous art studios and galleries. 262 Pasir Panjang Road. and specially-designed collectables. Our cocktail bar scene is amazing, seriously. These works can also be viewed online from November onwards on SAM's website. A. From interesting themes to attractive features, there’s no doubt you can spend hours in one spot. The project features participating artists, including Luca Lum, Marcus Yee and Huiying Ng. No need to travel elsewhere for a music festival – our lil’ dot has plenty of them. The signature fried noodle dish is totally customisable – you can select your choice of noodles, protein and spice levels. Even though Singapore is cosmopolitan, traditions are everywhere at the same time. We break down the A to Z of local fashion with all the top homegrown designers who are putting our little red dot on the map. See the masterpieces brought to life through, four award-winning films, with the help of. If you're staying home for fright night, tune in into a livestream musical séance of sorts featuring local producer Fauxe as he channels the ghoulish energies of Caligari. Grab a friend and bond over coffee, cake and cats for the purr-fect afternoon! Don’t believe us? Some might say our national dish is chicken rice, while others might claim they can’t get enough of laksa or nasi lemak. #GalleryAnywhere also features content that allows audiences to connect better with artworks they see in the Gallery. Expect a line-up of engaging programmes and virtual events including talks led by theatre directors and artists, workshops you can take part at home, and special performances.