The fight was meant to happen in April but was brought undone by the coronavirus pandemic. When Tim Tszyu walks to the ring in Townsville tonight against Jeff Horn his famous fighting father Kostya will be 13,000km away.Tsyzu, 25, faces the biggest fight of his young career as he attempts to follow in the footsteps of his world champion father, but Kostya won’t be in his corner.Watch Horn vs Tszyu live… Tszyu, 25, has not spared Horn, 32, a volley of barbs despite respecting his standing as a former world champion. Jeff Horn and Tim Tszyu are scheduled to face each other on Wednesday.Credit:Sydney Morning HeraldKostya moved from Sydney to Moscow in 2011, when Tim was 16, and has since had two children with his second wife, Tatiana.The coronavirus has seen him relocate to the warm weather and sand of Crimea, where he is building a second home. "He brought us all here to Australia and now he is gone," Mrs Tszyu said. Video: Mannix, Mora: How would Ryan Garcia-Luke Campbell fight play out? Everything for us is boxing, so we see it in a different perspective to everyone else.". "I'm still on the road of getting there, I've got a long way to go. And being raised by Kostya, Tim learned to punch before he could walk. Russian-born Tszyu adopted Australia as his home after moving here in 1991 and he and Natasha wed soon after. ", Mrs Tszyu intends to remain in Sydney with the kids. A model and PR executive 10 years his junior, Tatiana was first Tszyu’s employee but he said in 2017 “you cannot work and love at the same time, so I sacked her”. “She wants me to stop fighting. In my eyes, I haven't achieved anything yet.". Kostya Tszyu married Natasha Anikina on September 24, 1993, after they immigrated to Australia. (Sydney Morning Herald) Tszyu, 25, has not spared Horn, 32, a volley of barbs despite respecting his standing as a former world champion. In 2012, he separated from his wife Natasha and moved back to Moscow. Men should be men. Invalid postcode. The principles of hard work that he learned from Serov, his birthplace; a small Russian mining town shadowed by the Ural Mountains. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, Revealed: SAS Australia instructor’s private messages to Roxy. The old ways. Sam Heughan: ‘Outlander is more than tartan and soft porn’, Revealed: Winners and losers from stadium plan. Kostya has citizenship for both the countries. She wants to move herself and the three children to a more manageable house near Abbotsford in the inner west that is also closer to her children's private schools. Tszyu’s second wife is a 38-year-old former model and PR executive, who avoids the spotlight, declines all interviews and does not allow the children to be photographed. Sorry we couldn't find a match for that, please try again. "It's all up to me. "Life in Russia has no comparison to life in Australia," she said. Horn has been favoured to win the fight by many pundits, as the more seasoned fighter. "Life is unpredictable. Credit: Supplied. "That's my ultimate goal: not just to reach the top but to stay at the top and it's two completely different things. I do this for myself," Tszyu said. "If my husband wants to stay in Russia, let him stay there. "My boxing came from a young age. She is supportive of his decision to fulfil his dream to train elite boxers, even though it means he has little contact with their three kids, Tim, 18, Nikita, 14, and Anastasia, 10. Kostya employed the model to work on his public relations team but was quoted in 2017 saying “you cannot work and love at the same time, so I … This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. Three years after leaving his family, Tszyu proposed and married Tatiana on the same day. "This is the country where the children have more opportunities to achieve something in life.". For the unbeaten Tszyu's fight against fellow Australian and former world champion Jeff Horn (20-2-1, 15 KO), that mentality gained an even harder edge. Horn is trying to process their feelings but also remain true to himself. FORMER boxing champion Kostya Tszyu has left his wife Natasha and family and moved back to Russia. "I guess you're born with that, raised with it, the way you grew up. Kostya met his second wife, Tatiana Averina, and they married three years after leaving his family. "We were back before Christmas," she said. I remember growing up, every Sunday we used to watch the boxing. He was stopped in nine rounds by Terence Crawford in June 2018, stopped by Michael Zerafa in the same round in August of last year and lasted only eight rounds against Tszyu. Horn (20-3-1, 13 KOs) reached his peak with a stunning unanimous-decision victory over Manny Pacquiao in July 2017 in Brisbane, by which he earned a world welterweight title. I'm at the position now where I'm hunting and I want to get to the very top. Look, I understand why people want me to retire and I’m hearing it from my wife and my close family members. They live with their two children, Aleksandr and Viktoria, on the outskirts of Moscow. He remains no slouch, despite having added another loss (to Michael Zerafa, since avenged) after falling to Crawford.