This is the embodiment of organized chaos, miniature trucks running around laden with all manner of goods, from crates of prawns to gigantic blocks of tuna, the unintelligible auctioneers yelling. 1 It is still unclear whether the Tokyo Olympics will indeed happen in 2021. The postponed games face the challenges of balancing athlete and public safety, as well as keeping costs down to offset the losses incurred by postponing the games for a year. Earlier this month, IOC Vice President John Coates said the games would take place with or without COVID-19. Winter smog, religious festivals and election campaigns pose a crucial test of India’s pandemic management. However, a seismic creep could also be an indication that fault stress is being reduced in the region. Scenario modelling, one of the services offered via the Climate Quantified18 suite, can help quantify those financial consequences. With such a high-profile event though, security must be ultra-tight, and cybersecurity in particular is a major concern. One word you will hear quite often is, This sports venue will be built within the Oi Central Seaside Park Sports Forest and will host the Olympic Hockey Games. We offer complete travel planning services to assist you on your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan. Headquarters capacity Olympic Equestrian (complete competition (cross country)): 16,000 Location Sports Olympic Games Japan 2021 Equestrian (Eventing, (Cross Country)), At first glance, one might think that going on a group tour is a watered-down version of adventure. 5 During the 2012 London Olympics, the tube link to Stratford in east London was closed after a water main flooded the tracks of the Central line, which connects the West End and City to the Olympic Park, raising concerns about the resilience of London's transport network19. The first time Japan hosted the Olympics in 196421 prompted the operations of the first Japanese ‘bullet trains’22. Japan’s average temperatures are virtually certain to be rising at a rate of 1.21 degrees Celsius per century, compared to the global rate of 0.73 degrees Celsius per century (calculated by the Japan Meteorological Agency17). Super levees23 around the Arakawa River provide protection against major floods, and the massive underground storm water storage24 facility that forms part of the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel, is the biggest in the world. The IOC and Tokyo Olympics organizing committee have agreed to reduce costs for 52 specific items but the expected saving of $95 million to $105 million is a fraction of the approximately $15.84 billion overall tournament price tag, which doesn’t include the several hundred billion yen cost by the event’s delay. The Japanese government is also mulling a “pledge” signed by athletes promising to limit their activities to the stadium and Olympic Village. It's having a harder time convincing Chinese to spend money. All rights reserved. The venue will remain after the Olympics as a multipurpose sports facility. By design, the games bring together participants and spectators from around the world, so considering the local and global landscapes will be key. Kim Jong Un’s year did not go as planned. The delay to 2021 offers a unique opportunity to enhance risk management processes, and stress test existing plans with old and new unknowns. The international tennis tournament hosted 350 players from 40 countries and performed 6,500. tests throughout the competition, based on a three-tier separation system which kept players, coaches, managers and families in a bubble, with a negative PCR test required for other tier members to enter. With a well-developed reputation for innovation and embracing new technology, Japan looks set to provide one of the most technologically advanced sporting events in history..7 Athletes, media and officials will be transported in autonomous vehicles to smart stadiums that will provide a seamless user experience for fans and visitors include digital signages, online refreshment services, real-time match and athlete information and access to real-time data on transport congestion. The historic postponement of the 2020 Olympics gives Tokyo a new opportunity. The Tokyo Olympics were originally scheduled to kick off with Opening Ceremonies on July 24, 2020 and extend across more than two weeks, … Ever since the 1972 Munich Olympics, where terrorists kidnapped and killed Israeli athletes, crowded spaces like sporting and entertainment venues have become attractive targets for international and domestic terrorists alike. About It is a 5-10 minute walk from Oi Keibajo Station on the Tokyo Monorail and a 20 minute walk, Sample the world’s freshest sushi for breakfast at Tokyo’s famous fish market. Forcing the Tokyo Olympics to be postponed by a year, the COVID-19 pandemic has stolen the risk limelight, but it is important to remember the wider risk landscape. 12 However, a vaccine alone won’t eliminate the virus, and is unlikely to allow the Games as we know them to go ahead. But an ultimate, more conclusive response, should a big quake hit Tokyo is also a consideration. The Willis Research Network, with its multi-disciplinary approach, looks to consider challenges from multiple angles – any one of the issues outlined by the team could pose a serious disruption, and potential clashes between threats could stress the carrying capacity of the city. for Us. Click here to subscribe for full access. Taiwan’s semiconductor industry will require major restructuring if it wishes to maintain its competitive edge in the crowded global market. IOC President Thomas Bach expressed confidence in hosting the games with restrictions in place, pointing to the success of the coronavirus countermeasures at the Tour de France and U.S. Open. The announcement comes after growing uncertainty whether the Tokyo Olympics would be cancelled altogether, leaving sponsors, tourism and hospitality businesses in limbo. Koike told reporters that the Tokyo municipal government will cooperate with the central government as a contribution to national interest, stating that she hoped to gain an understanding from locals on the event’s coronavirus precautions. COVID-19 reset the clock on the countdown and dampened enthusiasm for the Games. The first Olympics to experience heat stress issues were the 1912 Stockholm Games in, where temperatures reached 32 degree Celsius in the shade and resulted in half the marathon runners failing to complete the race14. Think of Tokyo and for many earthquake risk is top of the list of concerns. The public outcry over drawings of the Prophet Muhammad continues to grow, even as Bangladesh’s government remains silent. With a new film, the satirical character is back in the headlines – and so is Kazakhstan, his supposed home. With a year on to the Tokyo Olympics, the Willis Research Network team provides a roundup of different risks that should not be overlooked. Reserve the entire trip to the Tokyo 2021 Summer Games with us! Flooding issues were also seen in Russia in the run up to the Sochi Winter Olympics, when flash floods caused massive disruption to the preparations. 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