Early on August 27, Dorian struck Barbados as a very compact cyclone with winds of 50 mph (85 km/h) and then passed over Saint Lucia later that day. [34], On August 14, a cold front moved across the Southeastern United States, becoming nearly stationary over subsequent days. Forecasters said the heaviest rains would affect Puerto Rico's southern and eastern region from 8 p.m. Tuesday to about 2 a.m. Wednesday. After reaching peak intensity, Lorenzo began weakening due to upwelling and rapidly increasing southwesterly wind shear. The remnants of Nestor continued northeastward across the Southeastern United States before dissipating offshore the Delmarva Peninsula on October 21. With Dorian and Lorenzo both intensifying into Category 5 hurricanes, the season became one of seven seasons to feature multiple Category 5 hurricanes. [10], On June 4, CSU updated their forecast to include a total of 14 named storms, 6 hurricanes, and 2 major hurricanes, including Subtropical Storm Andrea. Activity during the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season concluded when Sebastien transitioned into an extratropical cyclone on November 24. Humberto's large size caused choppy seas along the East Coast of the United States for several days; rip currents killed one person in Florida and a second in North Carolina. [52] The storm also destroyed 20-25 percent of the state's tobacco crop. On October 31, Rebekah turned to the east then east-northeast, entering a region of low relative humidity, increasing wind shear, and even colder sea surface temperatures. Another increase in convection occurred as the wave crossed Central America, partially due to interaction with the Central American gyre. The wave rapidly organized into a tropical depression around 00:00 UTC on September 23 about 320 mi (515 km) southwest of Dakar, Senegal. As a result, Barry became the rainiest tropical cyclone in the state's history. "It will start to throw massive rain.". The depression quickly became poorly organized, and it degenerated into a broad area of low pressure by 06:00 UTC on October 16. It includes their duration, names, affected areas, damages, and death totals. After passing just southeast of the Azores, the storm intensified further and developed more convection and a small eye. Some of these forecasts also take into consideration what happened in previous seasons and the state of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO). [91], Rainfall and storm surge from Nestor caused coastal flooding and flash flooding across the Florida Panhandle and the state's gulf coast. [3] CSU released their first forecast on April 4, 2019, predicting a near-average season with 13 named storms, 5 hurricanes and 2 major hurricanes, citing the persistence of the weak El Niño and slightly colder than average sea surface temperatures. Elsewhere, in Tamaulipas, 12 in (300 mm) of rain fell in 48 hours, leading to some localized flooding. [9], Activity began before the official start of the season when Subtropical Storm Andrea formed on May 20. The system, initially moving west-northwest, curved toward the east-northeast ahead of an approaching upper-level trough. All Rights Reserved. [22] The month of August featured two other systems, Hurricane Dorian and Tropical Storm Erin, with the former being the most intense tropical cyclone of the season. As the trough weakened, a shortwave moved into the western side of the trough over the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in the formation of a broad area of low pressure on August 22. [84], A potent nor'easter, which originated from the tail-end of a cold front across the southwestern Atlantic on October 6, detached from the frontal boundary and attained maximum 1-minute winds of 65 mph (100 km/h) by October 10. Ultimately, activity in regards to number of named storms exceeded all forecasts, but the number of hurricanes and major hurricanes remained within the predicted range. About five hours later, the extratropical storm made landfall near St. Vincent Island. The cyclone moved westward and then west-northwestward along the periphery of a low- to mid-level ridge. [8] On May 23, NOAA released their first prediction, calling for a near-normal season with 9–15 named systems, 4–8 hurricanes, and 2–4 major hurricanes. The remnants of Jerry passed near Bermuda before dissipating northeast of the island on September 28. Shortly thereafter, increasing upper-level winds and dry air caused the cyclone to weaken while it curved northwest. Tropical Storm Olga caused moderate damage and heavy flooding over the central Gulf Coast and generated hurricane-force wind gusts as far north as Tennessee. [55] The storm damaged homes, buildings, and boats, as well as downed trees, across Canadian Maritimes, though the worst impacts occurred in Halifax, Moncton, and much of Prince Edward Island. The cyclone moved west-northwestward around the southwestern periphery of an Atlantic subtropical ridge and passed through the Windward Islands as a minimal tropical storm late on September 22. 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