Start Flying Today! Nate doesn't recommend wearing goggles, as they tend to fall off during flights. Black Friday Deals | Gifts for Moms | Harry Potter Gifts | Things to Do | Kids Activities | Nightlife | Restaurants | Spas | Massages | Hair Salons | Travel, Skate Rental, Admission, with a Large Drink for Four, Basic Package for Two: Includes Rental Marker, Tank, Hopper, Paintball Mask, Chest Protector, and 100 Paintballs, 90-Minute Bowling, Go-Kart, Hologate VR, Laser Maze, and $5 Arcade Cards for Two. He received a grant from the National Research Council of Canada. Take your hydro gear to another level. Investors started calling Li in 2008. It's exactly what it sounds like: a water-powered propulsion system that lifts its wearer as high as 30 feet above the water, spinning in corkscrews and circles at dizzying speeds. To put it simply...the experience of a lifetime! The Water Jet Pack: The Extreme Water Sport Anyone Can Do, Grow Your Business by Working with Groupon, deal for a water jet-pack experience near you, Check out flight sessions starting at $89. We are so confident you will LOVE your jetpack flight. Hydroflight patents were issued to Raymond Li in 2008, and passed to the holding company JetLev Intellectual Property. His video was shot in Miami Florida but I recently found out that they have the Jet Lev flyers at TradeWinds resort it St Pete Florida. "If you're out there to have fun ... and you're kind of open-minded to the idea of it ... then you'll do great.". 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. (by Devin Graham, aka DevinSuperTramp), I really wanted to try out the jet lev flyer. [11], "Safety concerns spur new rules for water jet packs in Maryland", "Hydrofight Sports – No this is not a typo", "Raymond Li of Jetlev: How James Bond Inspired Him to Invent a Jet Pack", "Zapata Industries Announces the Acquisition and Consolidation of Hydro-Flight Intellectual Property Rights in the US and Abroad",,, All Wikipedia articles written in Canadian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 March 2020, at 01:57. But never fear, says Nick: he's never had a customer complain about (or even so much as mention) motion sickness. The concept has been present in science fiction for almost a century and became widespread in the 1960s. Hydrojetpacks have raised concerns over safety and the need for regulations, since they started coming onto the market and into resorts. If you need some inspiration on places to start your water-jet-pack journey, check out the below handful of standout deals from around the US. Water Jet PackSo after seeing the awesome video Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev! HTOMT Underwater Scooter Sea Scooter 4-Level Rotational Speed,Water Surfboard, Electric Swimming Kickboard, Smart Somatosensory Surfing Board Swimming Aids, Can be Used to Assist in Learning to Swim.