“It’s really summer stuff out of control – no time for kids to be kids,” Maselli said. He said he gave up his entire summers, working in the weight room with players five days a week. With individual districts setting their own policies, it’s like the “Wild West,” he said. “I think some parents may worry the coach will take it personally,” he added. St. Joseph (Trumbull) is the defending Class L state champion in Connecticut, which will play only a six-game regular season in the fall of 2020. Golf, volleyball, cross country, field hockey, soccer and gymnastics will continue as planned in the fall and start practice on Sept. 18 with the season concluding Nov. 20. “When you’re a coach with all these practices, you set yourself up,” he said. Yet virtually every day this summer, Section 1 athletes have practiced or worked out, usually supervised by high school coaches. Football practices in Alabama are scheduled to start July 27 in short and helmets. Wayne Guarino, Montville High School athletic director, said many of his school's teams have non-mandatory workouts and/or practices that allow for time away. Football in 1A through 4A began last month. “It’s not a high-tension environment,” Altamuro said. “We want kids to enjoy their summer,” Simon said. Connecticut doesn’t allow “sanctioned” summer practices but “you can condition as much as you want,” said Gregg Simon, associate executive director of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference. MaxPreps is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. “I’d like some rules to follow,” Zanot said, “because, with no rules, coaches’ reputations are being formed.”. football date once more. And while many athletes appreciate the opportunity to group-train, serious questions surround summer training. “A lot put in time and sacrifice family.”, In his case, he figures the scoreboard return was “marginal.”. "Attending summer workouts provides student-athletes with a regimented schedule and a great amount of responsibility," Guarino added. There’s not much pressure to be here.”, SUMMER: High school sports crimping summer break plans, MOUNT ST. MICHAEL: Freshman collapses and dies at summer football practice, PAY TO PLAY: The findings of investigation into the arms race of youth sports. Alabama — The Alabama High School Athletic Association's Central Board of Control announced July 22 of its plans to follow specific guidelines and begin football with games starting on Aug. 20-21. Sept. 24 is being tabbed as the sport's start … All rights reserved. usually summer practice starts in mid-late august and two a days right after that. After the winter season (Nov. 30-Feb. 21) with traditional sports, a floating season with football, cheer and unified basketball will go Feb. 22 to April 25. Zanot scheduled off-time for the week before and after July 4. 1 IMG Academy's 49-14 pasting of No. Ohio High School Athletic Association. A fluctuating number of students attend, including non-football players. Let people live their lives,” Tribou said. . “Most schools would frown on that,” suggested Maselli, who noted official football workouts may start as soon as Aug. 8 with other sports allowed to begin Aug 13… Some districts and conferences, he said, are talking about instituting “blackout periods” when no organized practices/workouts would be allowed. “Most schools would frown on that,” suggested Maselli, who noted official football workouts may start as soon as Aug. 8 with other sports allowed to begin Aug 13. It’s easier to run with the team supporting you. #Unless and earlier date is established by the District Athletic Board (no earlier than two days prior to the established date) update plans for the 2020-21 academic/athletic year. “I tell them not to worry about it.". “All I can do is ask the coach and, of course, he’ll say, ‘No,’” Casarella said. Meet the Preseason Top 25 teams heading into the 2020 football season, Check out the latest movement in our Top 25 high school rankings, Watch all the can't-miss high school sports top plays, Find out how MaxPreps can help high school coaches serve their team and community, Check out the latest movement in our Top 25 high school basketball rankings. Did rescued CA hiker stage Zion National Park disappearance? He values summer workouts, but criticizes the lack of standards and oversight. © 2020 www.lohud.com. The The spring is scheduled April 26 to July 3. “Parents are concerned with the time commitment,” said Tribou, who added he’d advise parents of marginal players to forego optional practices for scheduled vacations. This is what Houston-area school officials said they were doing well ahead of summer workouts. “We can run a mile together. Harrison football coach Dom Zanot ran a football camp in June and now oversees Monday-through-Thursday strength and speed training. The official start of mandatory fall practice for public high schools in New York is Aug. 13. North Rockland athletic director Joe Casarella said coaches must be understanding about kids missing optional practices. But he said coaches who run more than one or two practices a week risk later being challenged by parents who want to know why their child, who attended each practice, isn’t starting over someone who did not. But Tony Maselli, assistant director of the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association, said individual NJ school districts currently decide what they’ll allow. "At the moment, I feel that our coaches do a tremendous job communicating with families in order to allow student-athletes time away," Guarino said. “I’ve gone full cycle from full psycho,” he said, admitting during part of his time at Greeley, his practices weren’t truly optional. The absence of guidelines also creates coach-parent problems. In light of the ongoing pandemic, state high school sports organizations continue to monitor and Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Irvington and other schools in Irvington’s conference, including Hastings, Dobbs Ferry, Ardsley and Rye Neck, have decided to delay official practices until Aug. 20. “A lot of coaches would rather win than have a break,” Tribou said. But, in theory, coaches in all sports can — if they receive their AD's blessing — conduct practice seven days a week throughout the summer. “You call it optional when a coach is looking cross-eyed at you that you’d better be there?”. The first day of matchups were staggered for football depending on conference. Mandatory workouts aren’t banned, although Maselli speculated making them mandatory would be a “tough sell.”. "These workouts help the student athlete prepare for the school year and inevitably learn discipline.". Highlights of No. All rights reserved. Back in May, there was much uncertainty over the upcoming school year. Copyright © 2020 KTRK-TV. HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- High school football is slowly coming back to life in the Houston area. “Once school is over, there shouldn’t be one thing. Don Bosco Prep and St. Peter's Prep is one of the best rivalry games on the East Coast. On the other side, many wonder if practices are truly optional everywhere; whether they unfairly cut into family/vacation time and whether a lack of attendance influences playing time, or even making a team.