OT: The alert Huns and Hoydens already know this, but for the rest of us–the (trade?) The rest is details – and that’s all they should be, details. . [Smile], Heh, much like people now have the freedom to call the Founding Fathers a pack of Evil McEvilies – thanks to the country said McEvilies built . People who are nobodies at one moment are apparently heroes the next and then these people are gone again. Another part of the irritation engendered by all this is that door swings only one way — take a “minority” character and recast with a “majority” and all Heck would break loose from the same crowd crowing about their enlightened views of race/gender/preference/breakfast cereal. Every so often, I come across an argument that, to borrow a line from Samuel Johnston, is ‘not worth the dignity of a rational response.’ Such arguments tend to be full of strawman arguments, pre-emptive accusations of Bad Thinking or Wrong Fun and generally are not worth the effort of countering their claims. Pfft. The idea that a woman or a POC can only succeed if evil white males are hurt or dis-empowered. It’s sort of like the debate over casting Idris Elba as James Bond. He said that while there was no such thing as a "man without fear" certain people were better equipped to deal with it. Not where she gets herself. Peter Grant, the main character of the Rivers of London series (Ben Aaronovitch), is mixed-race. There are only very few people who have excellent combinations of leadership traits. It is in taking a chance and treating your audiences as more than free range ids that you make the best movies. Still, the movie made money, and I see that “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” starring Cruise is currently filming. I’ll also point out that in the future it’s unlikely we’ll care about hte same ethnic groupings. Seeing the ads for “Dawn of Justice”, I am not holding my breath. Makibao doesn’t sound too horrible, but I know that one has an op with a dancing naked man. Ah, but Hansel got his moments of glory too (figuring out that they were going to be abandoned in the woods, leaving a trail for them to follow), and if a man were shown to be doing something even vaguely competent, women might feel bad about themselves. Gushing rambling “diversity” for its own sake is not a plot. All the above can be answered differently by different individuals, nations and societies. But, written by (Mathews, R et al) in the Academy of Entrepreneurs, it states that according to a study by Northeastern University’s School of Technological Entrepreneurship in 2006, it showed that “entrepreneurs are born, not made” (Taylor 2006). I recently noticed that most best-selling books in several major SF categories are now indy-produced. Children will read about the old days and roundly refuse to believe their elders’ tales of skin color having anything to do with reality. She’s from Georgia, so she ought be able to get the Alabama accent tight, and is 5’9″ which might not be an issue – I recall julie being “tall” but am not sure. RDJ is a better fit, but it could have worked. Fans come up with mental impressions of their characters that match what they’re told in the books – and, also, what they see in the movies. And ascribing the worst possible motives to fans who question a diversity character merely annoys people. There is no general accepted standard to base on while declaring one a hero. [Wink]. Both parts are essential to a true leader. Entrepreneurs want to be independent and this gives them the inner drive for wanting high levels of achievement, which then results to believing that they can control their environment which ultimately means they can control their destiny. Well, in the novels James Bond is known as a Naval Officer and is known as such in Good Society. But Mr Aikins found a few whose stress levels hardly changed. Let me consider an example from Atlas Shrugged. (I seem to be saying that quite a lot, lately, lol) Idris Elba is awesome. Why do I have this scary thought of Luke going to the darkside and the Joker coming out. Impacts of factory jobs on health and wealth, Reducing crime and violence via behavioral therapy, Bill Gates wants to give the poor chickens, but what they need is cash, Everything we knew about sweatshops was wrong, Strategies for reducing crime and violence in developing countries, Books development workers and academics should read. Of course not. Hot chicks would have improved the snooze fest that was the majority of “Into Darkness”. How much sense did that make? Mudd was a conniving fool and he married a bitchy shrew, so he fled the Federation for deep space, where he found the android planet and programmed them to provide him with android sex slaves, only he was such a jerk he couldn’t even keep THEIR loyalty despite the fact that they desperately wanted a master! Unfortunately, because it would be hilarious. “another aspect that infuriates me; the idea that social standing is a zero-sum game, that to bring a distressed group up means the “privileged” group must be brought down”. . For example, our current president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III also known as PNoy, is in my opinion, a naturally born leader. But then I read their descriptions again: yes, they were black characters. StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes ... it showed that “entrepreneurs are born, not made” (Taylor 2006). But how do these “heroes” become this way are they born with their so called powers or are they made into heroes by those surrounding them? Most theorists at the time believed that it had to be a deep-rooted trait, an innate tendency. And my objections evaporated: I had been mistaken, not the casting director. White? Oh, so you’d rather a movie version of “I, Mudd”…well, that could work too. That gets tough, when the new 007 doesn’t fit the old appearance. "We started figuring out we can start predicting who are these individuals who are going to have this cooler hormonal profile under high stress.". There are two other problems that writers need to learn to avoid.