That pettiness has nothing to do with the fans’ pettiness Of pretending BR is not a UM great player. He was a great player at M, and now he's an attention whore and his comments aren't helpful. Over and over, Anderson and offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski have been giving Edwards chances to catch the ball, to make an impact. (Editor’s Note: I am now hating myself for jinxing the Browns’ 2008 season by claiming that Braylon Edwards would win his stupid preseason bet with Michael Phelps and be the key to the Browns success. I know jackshit by Stringer Bell. Edwards gewann des Weiteren mit den Wolverines in den Jahren 2003 und 2004 den Rose Bowl. But Edwards is a major contributor to the struggles of the Browns and the quarterback. Privacy Policy Can a real man be an asshole with no class? We'll see if that works. If JOK and the rest of the team want to avoid getting their feelings hurt they should probably stay off the internet for a while, because there are a lot worse things being said than what Braylon posted. Two reasons are Anderson's completing an NFL-low 49 percent of his passes, and having only two big receiving plays for 25 yards. In reply to Any real man or woman can and by CHUKA. ", No doubt most of his teammates heard that and thought, "Maybe you underestimated a 4-2 team, but we didn't.". That tied him for 16th in the NFL and four behind league leaders Terrell Owens and Dwayne Bowe. Edwards wurde während seiner erfolgreichsten Saison mit den Browns zum Pro Bowl gewählt und war damit der erste Wide Receiver der Browns seit Webster Slaughter 1989, dem diese Ehre zuteilwurde. Your support makes a difference. So what? Edwards wurde in allen regulären Saisonspielen von Michigan eingesetzt und fing dabei 67 Pässe, für einen Raumgewinn von 1035 Yards. both seem like good, funny guys. Tony Kurdzuk/US Presswire Since then, the word "completed" hasn't … The senior Edwards was a running back for the Houston Oilers in the 1980s. Edwards let another touchdown pass slip through his hands in Saturday's playoff victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. I would love to drink with Hurst and Hill. They took his transfer because they saw no QBs on the roster, kind of like what we have now. Durch seine guten Leistungen hätte er es dann auch fast geschafft die Browns seit 2002 wieder in die Play-offs zu führen. Edwards had a breakout season in 2007, catching 80 balls for 1,289 yards and 16 touchdowns. He moved the ball, put points on the scoreboard. when suggesting that O’Korn wasn’t going to win two Heismens and be the first ovarrwll pick would get you negged. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 9. Pretty sure winning a Sugar Bowl--the only major BCS bowl we hadn't won yet--in 2011 was significant. Jets Still Win. Braylon Edwards insists a dropped TD pass against Green Bay was just an individual mistake, and not part of an ongoing problem. He's on a team where he is the main guy, a role that Edwards has always said he wanted and deserved. Even last season, he was second in the NFL with 12 dropped passes. In reply to Edwards can say what he by Um1994. But Braylon Edwards' drops have been doozies. Michigan great is a stretch. Jets coach Rex Ryan, despite the glaring gaffe Saturday in Cincinnati, said he sensed a monster game in the offing for Braylon Edwards. [1] Nach einem Jahr kehrte er zu den Jets zurück und wechselte 2012 im Laufe der Saison zu den Seattle Seahawks. I'd rather we kept morris and used o'korns scholarship on an OT. He was a great player, but a big dummy of the field. His take on John O'Korn. Are the Bills ready to bury the Patriots, seize control of AFC East? Edwards glory years were more than a decade ago. The hate on him is hilarious. This is something you take back to college. Jerricho Cotchery, too, senses a monster game from Edwards. "Right now he's pressing so much and he doesn't want to let his teammates down," Ryan said Tuesday. "At the end of the day, it's just slowing down. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. (OSU was down that year, but still). If he were delivering touchdowns and big plays, it would be easier to accept. Design by Human Element, Hail to the Victors 2020: Digital Edition. "When I drop a pass, I'm [ticked] at myself," he said. Lol, no. © 2018 MGoBlog. Dort schlugen die Jets die Cincinnati Bengals, ehe sie in der zweiten Runde die San Diego Chargers ebenfalls besiegen konnten. In reply to The point is that you don’t say it publicly. In 2006, it was Terrell Owens with 17. The result is a mere 20 receptions. Updated Mar 28, 2019; Posted Oct 23, 2008 . Jason Avant was better in my opinion. I know jackshit about QBing. Khalid Hill took issue with it. Loading... Unsubscribe from DJ Cunningham? Durch seine gefangenen Pässe erzielte er einen Raumgewinn von 1289 Yards, womit er zweiter in der NFL hinter Randy Moss war. That tied him for 16th in the NFL and four behind league leaders Terrell Owens and Dwayne Bowe. I feel it. Simply no excuse for a former Michigan Football player to publicly throw a current one under the bus, especially considering that Braylon is currently employed by BTN. The sugar bowl was a consolation prize, i think most michigan fans would have rather played in the conference title game. He'll make a borderline impossible catch! Any real man or woman can and should be able to voice their opinion without giving a damn about what people think; and if people have a problem with what they say, that person accepts what comes with it. "Am I worried about him getting a reputation for dropping the football?" Would Patriots consider dealing Stephon Gilmore at trade deadline? In reply to Well, there was that one by Bando Calrissian. All of those players have a claim to being better than him except Avant. Edwards is one of the three best WRs of the last 30 years to play for UM. While he has the right, we have the right to call him out for being a jerk. But Braylon Edwards' drops have been doozies. Plenty of blame to go around. And then he'll drop one on a simple route.". Diese Rolle hielt er dann schließlich bis zum Ende der Saison inne und fing insgesamt 61 Pässe für die Browns, die am Ende letzter in der Division wurden. Das AFC Championship Game mussten die Jets schließlich gegen die Pittsburgh Steelers austragen. Februar 1983 in Detroit, Michigan) ist ein ehemaliger US-amerikanischer American-Football-Spieler auf der Position des Wide Receivers. But Braylon Edwards' drops have been doozies. All rights reserved (About Us). Anderson has thrown the ball to Edwards 49 times, more than anyone else on the team. Daher kam er anfangs kaum zum Einsatz und konnte zwischenzeitlich auf Grund einer Verletzung gar nicht spielen. ", Bills crank up run game, give needed boost to pass-heavy attack, A 365-day turnaround: Brian Flores' Dolphins go from NFL worst to good, After decades of dominance, Patriots are a long shot to win AFC East, Jets' 'pursuit' of 0-16 and top pick could be ruined by ... Bill Belichick, Cam Newton's devastating fumble big blow to Patriots' playoff hopes, Jets contain Le'Veon Bell but get bell rung in sadly familiar loss, Inside story on why QB-needy Jets passed on drafting Patrick Mahomes. Edwards gelang im Spiel gegen die New England Patriots ein Touchdown und nach einer Stunde hatten die Jets dann mit 28:21 gewonnen. Er spielte bei den Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers und den New York Jets in der National Football League (NFL). The comment may speak directly to the heart of Edwards' troubles this season -- his focus has been fuzzy, his sense of status in the league overblown. Also, he was frequently in the Dog House when he was here. It was classic Edwards. And Braylon is a real man? No today wasn't all on JOK, but the fact is that this offense has no chance of scoring when he's in the game and he clearly can't play at the power 5 level, which makes you wonder what Harbaugh and co. saw in him to pursue his transfer. Would Patriots consider dealing Stephon Gilmore at trade deadline? Nachdem Edwards im NFL Draft 2005 von den Cleveland Browns als dritter Spieler ausgewählt wurde dauerte es einige Zeit, bis er seinen Vertrag dort unterschrieb, weshalb er den Beginn der Saisonvorbereitung nahezu komplett verpasste. Diese Leistungen reichten für den zweiten Platz in der AFC East und zum Erreichen der Wild Card Play-offs. He'll make catches that nobody else in the game will make. major bowl? Michigan great, he seems to be an even greater douche. "Am I worried about him getting a reputation for dropping the football?" Die Cleveland Browns bekamen im Gegenzug dafür den Wide Receiver Chansi Stuckey, den Linebacker Jason Trusnik, einen Dritt- und einen Fünftrundenpick im nächsten NFL Draft. Watch it again, his reaction is...weird. That's tied with Brandon Marshall for most in the NFL over that span. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. yes, same class as rose bowl? Aber sowohl Edwards, der die NFL 2008 in fallengelassenen Pässen anführte (16), als auch die Browns konnten die Leistungen aus der vergangenen Saison nicht bestätigen und landeten am Ende der Spielzeit auf einem enttäuschenden letzten Platz in der Division. Jets coach Rex Ryan, despite the glaring gaffe Saturday in Cincinnati, said he sensed a monster game in the offing for Braylon Edwards. "I told Braylon, quite honestly, 'Next time you're open like that, I want you to catch the ball one handed.' Before his senior year, he was known for drive killing drops. He has always been a jackass. Plus they won 11 games. Sure, it’s a free country and anyone can say pretty much whatever he wants. Braylon Jamel Edwards (* 21. Edwards zeigte dabei eher schwache Leistungen und fing nur vier Pässe für 56 Yards. Because let's be honest -- he's earned it.". ESPN Stats & Information tracked a surprisingly low six drops for Braylon Edwards. Stan Edwards thinks his son is droptastic. He has the numbers, but no hardware. Braylon Edwards Drops Easy Touchdown Pass Again. In reply to Pretty sure winning a Sugar by Wolverine Devotee. But in six games, he's caught balls in the end zone twice. His first team went 8-4 just like this team will. Braylon Edwards Drops The Proverbial Ball (And Usually The Real One Too) Posted on September 22, 2010 by houseofheckle Jets wide receiver, and potential Black Hasidic Jew (The beard! Okorn has the same number of national championships as he does. After the game, he claimed, "We might have underestimated the Redskins. In reply to Michigan great is a stretch. "Us being the athletes that we are, a lot of times we try to make moves without the ball," Edwards said. In reply to By a bunch of douchebags who never did by SalvatoreQuattro. Facebook Share. Cleveland Browns' biggest letdown is Braylon Edwards' drops - Terry Pluto. The New York Jets' prized acquisition has bobbled passes like nobody else over the past couple of years. Braylon Edwards drops the ball again Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on November 18th, 2017 at 5:32 PM Log in or register to post comments Expected nothing less from good ol Braylon. Jets ready to meet Le'Veon Bell, new member of Adam Gase alumni all-stars, Patriots ready to provide slumping Cam Newton the support he needs. I agree they should not call out a third string QB for game performance. I remember many drops when they played Oregon on the road. You should say what you want; he shouldn’t. If he doesn’t give any respect to UM WRs, both current players and alums, I don’t know why the rest of us should give him that respect. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. And I’ll add one. He has better hands than Braylon ever did. We got to the Sugar Bowl because of our brand name, not because of our accomplishments on the field. Outside of the one half against Purdue, we have about 6 games worth of just awful play from him.